Sexual harassment reduces worker productivity, increases worker absences, and causes depression throughout the workplace. As such, eliminating sexual harassment is necessary to optimize every business. However, sexual harassment trainings can backfire, leading to disastrous results, if they aren't planned in accordance with prevailing public health research.

This on-demand interactive video training is unique in its combination of the best practices from the fields of public health and the law. The training was fully developed and taught by a discrimination attorney who has a Masters in Public Health. It is in full compliance with the federal Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping, as required by governmental contractors, and it fully satisfies the NYS / NYC annual training requirements (NYS Labor Law §201-g and NYC Local Law 96). This research-based course works, plain and simple, because it treats everyone as allies of victims while equipping them with the tools to stop sexual harassment everywhere.


English and Spanish trainings Now Available

What NY and NYC employers need to know:

  • All employers must adopt and provide a sexual harassment prevention policy and complaint form to all employees. Policies must meet or exceed the newly required minimum standards.
  • All employees must be trained annually in their native language.
  • New employees must be provided the employer’s sexual harassment prevention policy and notice employees (in print or email) with links to training materials on or before the first day of work.
  • Training must be interactive and cannot just be a video being played.
  • NYC Independent Contractors: The NYC Commission on Human Rights requires employers with 15 or more employees (which includes independent contractors) to provide training to all independent contractors who have performed work for the employer for more than 90 days or 80 hours in a calendar year.
  • The State Human Rights Law imposes liability on the employer for their actions and encourages employers to provide the policy and training to anyone providing services in the workplace including contractors, subcontractors, vendors and consultants.
  • NYC Requires Posters and Information Sheets.
  • It is a misdemeanor for Employers to violate the Labor Law.


Lieb Compliance offers compliance with everything from policies to trainings.

Trainings are available:

All content is immersive with real world examples.

All trainings are conducted by employment law litigators.