HR's one-stop sexual harassment solution in full compliance with NYS Labor Law ยง201-g and NYC Local Law 96. Offering web-based, on-demand, full-video trainings, company branded complaint forms and sexual harassment policies with digital receipts to defend prospective litigation and address Department of Labor audits. Beyond this product's simplicity in satisfying an otherwise onerous requirement, the training is electric by offering real-life case studies and practical advice delivered through the eyes of a litigator. Simply, this is the choice vendor if you want both compliance and to increase employee morale. Make training fun again.


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What you need to know:

  • Sexual Harassment Policies: All employers must adopt and provide a sexual harassment prevention policy to all employees by 10/9/18. If your company already has a sexual harassment policy, make sure that it meets or exceeds the newly required minimum standards.
  • All Employees Must Be Trained: Between 10/9/18 and 10/9/19 all employees must be trained and annually thereafter on each employee's anniversary, start date or date selected by employer.
  • New Employees Must Be Trained and Provided Policies Immediately: Employers are liable for the actions of employees immediately upon hire, the State encourages training as soon as possible.
  • NYC Independent Contractors: The NYC Commission on Human Rights requires employers with 15 or more employees (which includes independent contractors) to provide training to all independent contractors who have performed work for the employer for more than 90 days or 80 hours in a calendar year.
  • Policy and Training For Independent Contractors: The State Human Rights Law imposes liability on the employer for their actions and encourages employers to provide the policy and training to anyone providing services in the workplace including contractors, subcontractors, vendors and consultants.
  • NYC Requires Posters and Information Sheets
  • It is a misdemeanor for Employers to violate the Labor Law


Lieb Compliance offers compliance with everything from policies to trainings.

Trainings are available:

All content is immersive with real world examples.

All trainings are conducted by employment law litigators.