Why Lieb Compliance

Every NYS employer must provide their employees with both an annual sexual harassment prevention training and policy pursuant to Labor Law section 201-g.  Lieb Compliance solves this onerous burden.

Why you care?

  1. It is a misdemeanor to fail to provide the training and policy.
  2. You can be fined by the Department of Labor for failing to provide the training and policy.
  3. If you have insurance for discrimination claims (EPLI policy), they can disclaim coverage if you fail to provide the training and policy.
  4. Your exposure in a sex discrimination lawsuit is off the charts when you fail to provide the training and policy.

Solving the law:

  • Policy & Complaint Form: Employers must adopt and provide a written sexual harassment prevention policy and complaint form to all employees. The Labor Law has requirements of what must be in this policy and complaint form. By hiring Lieb Compliance, you receive a branded policy and complaint form to your company, which is digitally provided to all employees incident to our training and we maintain a digital record that each employee agrees to the terms of the policy in case of a lawsuit or Department of Labor audit.
  • Training: Employers must train employees before 10/9/19 and new hires as soon as possible from start date. The Labor Law has requirements of what must be in this training. By hiring Lieb Compliance, you receive a branded training that employees can access digitally at any computer terminal (iPADs, Tablets, PCs and Laptops - employees do not have to take it in one sitting, they can take it at their convenience).

The Lieb Difference:

  • Beyond compliance, our trainers are employment litigators who use real case examples to bring the training to life. We also have modified NYS' standard policy and training to offer employers greater protection from discrimination lawsuits.
  • While there are many vendors who train on sexual harassment, but most of them no longer comply with the Labor Law 201-g and the Department of Labor regulations and the Q&A about online trainings. Lieb does!
  • Our trainings have continuously received rave reviews, from C-Suite executives, for transforming their employee compliance into a morale building experience where employees thank their bosses for having such a program.
  • Our interactive platform includes a note-taking feature and in-class commenting that allows employees to communicate directly with the instructor throughout the training so that all questions will be answered. Additional features include security checkpoints and randomized quiz questions to ensure employees have fully engaged in this interactive training. Upon completion of the training, your employees can have immediate access to download a certificate of completion which will be valid for 1 year to comply with New York State‚Äôs regulations.

Independent Contractors:

The State Human Rights Law imposes liability on the employer for the actions of independent contractors and encourages employers to provide the policy and training to anyone providing services in the workplace including contractors, subcontractors, vendors and consultants.